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Example notification for completed buy (wallet:buys:completed).OAuth2 (Coinbase Connect) - Used to build applications for Coinbase users.All error messages will return both machine ( id ) and human readable ( message ) error message.As Coinbase is actively growing and adding features, new values can be added or removed over time and you should take this into account when designing implementation.Deposits can be started with commit: false which is useful when displaying the confirmation for a deposit.

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Note: You should never request API keys or secrets from other Coinbase users.

Currently available values: order (regular order), donation (donation), invoice (email invoice) provides a powerful innovative bitcoin block explorer, a bitcoin wallet service and bitcoin merchant services for merchants.Associated bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum address for received payment.

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This buy price includes standard Coinbase fee (1%) but excludes any other fees including bank fees.When a new order is created its amount is converted to bitcoin and the order is given a unique bitcoin address.Private API calls are protected by a public and private key which is available in the account section of your profile.

With OAuth2, scopes should be considered as grants: Users can select which scopes they grant access to for the application.By maintaining full compatibility with the Bitcoin API, Litecoin is very easy to integrate into existing applications that.Important: Different error types ( id ) can be added and removed over time so you should make sure your application accepts new ones as well.It allows the API developer to store custom information related to orders.Sell resource represents a sell of bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum using a payment method (either a bank or a fiat account).

Both API key and OAuth2 authentication require that you obtain correct permissions (scopes) to access different API endpoints.Withdrawal can be started with commit: false which is useful when displaying the confirmation for a withdrawal.Version is passed in as a date (UTC) of the implementation in YYYY-MM-DD format.

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Transactions statuses vary based on the type of the transaction.We are the easiest to use and most secure bitcoin wallet service.

To access the primary account for a given currency, a currency string (BTC or ETH) can be used instead of the account id in the URL.

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This authentication provides a secure and easy to use authentication flow for users.So if you were to build a payment system associated with an invoice, you simply need to generate and monitor a Bitcoin address for each payment.

Fraud prevention can be simplified down to monitoring a single variable: the confirmation score.

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If set to true, response will return an unsave buy for detailed price quote.Example notification for new payment to a bitcoin address (wallet:addresses:new-payment).If a mispayment is made on an order, all subsequent payments to that order will be added to the array of mispayments.Usually another resource but can also be another type like email.

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CoinDesk provides a simple and free API to make its Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) data programmatically available to others.This means that you can call API resources using Javascript from any browser.

Important: As transactions represent multiple objects, resources with new type values can and will be added over time.Ping notification can be send at any time to verify that the notification URL is functioning.